Auburn Rubber Motorcycles

Do you fancy rubber toys? Don't you know that rubber toys originated during the great depression? Poverty has stricken most of America and buying expensive and luxury items were out of the picture. People where buying cheaper and more sensible items in order to survive the hardships.

As more and more companies were closing down because of fewer revenues some made great innovations and survived the trying times. This was the case of Auburn Automobile Company which later became Auburn Rubber Co. The company was based in Auburn Indiana and was producing high end and expensive luxury cars. Since people were no longer buying luxury cars, the company's stability dwindled. Thanks to some innovative minds, it was able to recover by shifting production of automobile cars into rubber toys.

The Auburn Rubber Co. was born. This toy company produced rubber toys including Auburn Rubber Motorcycles, Auburn Rubber Automobile, Auburn Rubber Tractors, Auburn Rubber Farm animals, Auburn Rubber Planes, and more. These rubber toys became popular because of its high quality, durability, and striking designs. Moreover, these were cheaper compared with other toys made of die cast and metal.

The Auburn Rubber Motorcycles were among the favorite of many children during the great depression. These came in many designs and sizes which captured the imagination of many young children. Some designs came with bikers and in vibrant and captivating hues.

Today, more and more toy collectors fancy Auburn Rubber Toy Motorcycles. These include vintage Auburn Rubber Motorcycles, classic Auburn Rubber Motorcycles, and antique Auburn Rubber Motorcycles. These rubber toys will be great addition to your toy collections. These are the toys your grandfather had played with during the 1930's up to the 1950's. Collecting these toys is like looking back in time when things where scarce yet children were still allowed to normally grow and enjoy their childhood by playing toys fit for the era.