Auburn Toys

The Auburn Rubber Company is known for its toys although it started out as a tire manufacturing company. It was first build in Auburn, Indiana, the company name was changed from Double Fabric Tire Company to Auburn Rubber in 1913. In the mid-1930's they began producing rubber toys some of which were soldiers, tractors, trucks, and motorcycles. Most of the toys produced were sold and stocked in 5 and 10 cent stores across the country.

The company was sold in 1959 and moved to Deming, New Mexico, as an example of the penetration of a legitimate business by organized crime. The former plant in Auburn was acquired by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company and become a Cooper Standard Automotive company. Auburn Rubber in Deming went out of business and shutdown in 1969, and its toy cars could be bought in retail stores through the early 1970s.

Samples of Auburn Toys produced by Auburn Rubber is a toy car, a sports car appeared to be a cross between a Cunningham and an Aston Martin. One convertible looked like a Cadillac. Another odd sedan car had fins like a Pontiac, a front grille like a Kaiser Traveller and a general shape like car forward look Chrysler. A utility vehicle in the small size were also a hit and popular such as a fire engine, a telephone with two ladders on top, and a flat bed truck. Police cars and fire chief cars appeared to be variations on 1955 Chevrolets.

A policeman on a popular Triumph single cylinder motorcycle also was a hit, also a Harley three wheeler. One of the more clever vehicles was a boy riding a tricycle molded in a waving motion position. In a more traditional manner, a vintage or antique style wagon with horses was also made. Toy soldiers, trees, cowboys, farm animals, farm buildings or barns, and even farm implements were also molded and copied in a variety of colors. A life-sized horseshoe game was labeled as Auburn "safe play" toys.